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      船舶人才网,国内专业的船舶行业求职招聘网站 招聘热线:4000-269-169

      个人/企业 注册 登陆
      珠海佳航游艇有限公司 [百度一下]
      公司地址:珠海市 珠海金湾区平沙镇珠海大道8009号
      住房问题 带薪年假 岗位竞升 定期检查
      Whether it’s building the world’s fastest racing yachts, specialised components for Formula One racing teams, or developing solutions for architects, scientists and defence organisations, this diversified international company has shown it can conquer any challenge.

      For more than 40 years McConaghy has been at the cutting edge of racing-yacht construction; leading the way in the research and application of new materials and technologies to build some of the strongest, lightest ?C and most successful ?C racing yachts ever launched. But that is only part of the McConaghy success story.

      With manufacturing bases in Australia and China, McConaghy has assembled an impressive array of manufacturing facilities and equipment and combined them with their respected well trained work force to deploy its mastery of laminated construction techniques across a number of different divisions, extending their strong commercial platform allowing them to defy industry trends and continue to thrive even in the toughest economic conditions.

      Contact NO: 7727088



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