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      船舶人才網,國內專業的船舶行業求職招聘網站 招聘熱線:4000-269-169

      個人/企業 注冊 登陸
      上海藍鷹船舶工程有限公司 [百度一下]
      公司地址:上海市 崇明縣 長興島豐產村 390號
      專業培訓 崗位晉升 節日福利帶薪年假員工旅游
      SHANGHAI BLUE EAGLE MARINE CO;LTD is focused on the supply of the shipping accessories, materials, provisions, decorations, repairing,safety and fire-fighting equipments. We are located in Changxing Island, Shanghai which is adjacent to the CSIS and CSSC and ZPMC Shipyard which provide us with the good Environment for ship Works and to be the shipping agency. Delivery and service all ports in Shanghai Nantong Jiangyin 24 HOURS service
      We have the experienced team, the business in order to provision supply, ship repairing and ship-based accessories, deck stores,safe stores,engine stores, carbin decoration, cargo hold cleaning . Since its establishment, we associate to the spirit of "Letter to prevail, strict management, human letter-in-one" business philosophy, the spirit of "partners will be carried out in the end satisfied with the" principles of service, in the spirit of "efficient, conscientious and safety" , To provide customers with first-class service. We won the affirmation and support customers.
      Purpose Of Service
      The company has first-class operating system, specialized fast and accurate implementation of the plan to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, customer synchronized with the operation of the business, to provide customers with the lowest cost of the most professional services.


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