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    2. 船舶人才網,國內專業的船舶行業求職招聘網站 招聘熱線:4000-269-169

      個人/企業 注冊 登陸
      必維船級社(中國)有限公司 [百度一下]
      公司地址:上海市 上海市肇嘉浜路388號華泰大廈5樓 (200031)
      專業培訓 崗位晉升 節日福利帶薪年假員工旅游
      bureau veritas first presence in china was with its marine business in 1901. in 1993, bureau veritas set up a new office in shanghai. now it has around 30 offices in china supporting over 3,000 clients, with more than 5,000 employees working in the greater china region. in china, bureau veritas business operations are under 4 divisions: marine, industry & facilities, consumer product services, a n d government services & international trade.

      the marine division provides expertise services in ship classification a n d related services such as certification, training a n d consultancy. the services cover the entire ship’s life cycle, fro m design stage through to the surveys of vessels in operation, a n d their decommissioning. by partnering with our clients, we bring value to ship-owners, shipbuilders, shipyards, equipment manufacturers, insurers, brokers a n d flag states.

      the industry & facilities division serves more than 2,000 clients with a large scope of services such as certification, inspection, construction project management, a n d technical consulting.for example we inspected the turbines a n d generators for the three gorges dam project, we certify off-shore a n d on-shore oil & gas facilities for cnooc, we control construction quality for air bus, we audit a n d deliver iso 14000 certification for all sony sites across the world, we carry out risk based inspection for more than 30 refineries of sinopec a n d cnpc.

      the consumer products services division provides independent, impartial a n d professional services to our clients. our services are organized by product lines: testing a n d inspection for toys a n d hard lines; testing a n d inspection for textile products; certification, testing a n d inspection for electrical a n d electronic products 〔lcie); social accountability audit & factory assessment.

      the government services & international trade division specialized in trade facilitation, import valuation a n d inspection


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